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September 2022 Progress Shots

Burleson Cold Storage Phase II consists of 427,867 square feet of speculative cold storage across two buildings. The project features two Class A convertible cold storage facilities with the capability of ranging from -10 degree to 40 degrees, one of which totals 298,584 SF and the other totaling 129,283 SF. The project is strategically located 20 miles south of Fort Worth on Interstate 35W and is poised to capitalize on the growing Dallas-Fort Worth (“DFW”) market.

The DFW metroplex continues to experience unprecedented population growth, and remains the strategic hub for national and local food & beverage distribution. The project’s strategic location in the DFW Metroplex, the fifth largest industrial market in the US, positions it as a unique cold storage opportunity for region food distribution, handling, and processing.

Delivery is slated for Q2 2023.

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